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RestoFinish Epoxycoat primer is an essential part of any car restoration; it’s a non-porous, high-bonding sealer that can be applied over bare clean metal and mixed surfaces. Epoxy seals oxygen from the metal, preventing corrosion from forming.

High-quality two-part Epoxies include zinc phosphate, which increases the corrosion-inhibiting properties even further. Ideally used where metal has recently been exposed or project vehicles will be unpainted for a duration of time.

RestoFinish Epoxycoat is a two-component epoxy primer suitable for use over prepared steel surfaces. Epoxycoat is a non-toxic, anti-corrosive zinc phosphate coating. It is ideal in situations where resistance to chemicals, solvents, and aggressive environmental conditions are required.

When used as a high-build 4:1 (4 parts A to 1 part B), the film build is 75 microns per coat, with a suggested 2-coat application. This high-build application is thicker than typical "high-build" primers; it allows sanding and filling of small imperfections and pitting, ready for additional coatings.

Where less building is required, Epoxycoat can be reduced with RestoFinish Epoxycoat Reducer.

  • Direct to Metal
  • Over existing coating
  • Sealer
  • High Building
  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Zinc Phosphate
  • Easy to sand
  • Solvent resistant
Colours Available
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    7L RED KIT

  • SKU 011-0680


Kit Includes
  • 4 Litres of Epoxycoat Part A
  • 1 Litre of Epoxycoat Hardener Part B
  • 2 x 1 Litre of Epoxycoat Reducer